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Compassion is a sense of concern that arises when we are confronted with another’s suffering and feel motivated to see that suffering relieved. ~Jinpa

Yoga For India

India is currently experiencing the world's worst COVID outbreak, with new cases staying well above 300,000 every day and continuously breaking the record for the highest single-day figure globally. There are so many in need of prayer and resources. India has given so much to enrich and evolve our human existence, let us come together to do what we can to help.

Friday May 14th at 5:30pm Jessica will be leading a Deep Stretch class at Lotus Spirit Yoga and online via Zoom all proceeds go to Give India to support the COVID relief efforts.

Let’s come together and dedicate our practice to healing the people of India.

This class is set at $20 follow link to sign up 

Consider donating more then the class price by using the donate link, if you do not do yoga please consider donating anyway.

Contact me for details or questions.

All proceeds from this yoga class will go to

Give India 

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