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I Thrive Program

Mission of I Thrive is to provide quality yoga resources to under-served and underrepresented individuals who are motivated to develop and thrive physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Through the I Thrive program Lotus Spirit Yoga is offering the entire video library as well as live stream classes free to those that are unable to pay for the services. This program was inspired by my own experiences growing up in poverty and my belief that everyone has a right to the resources needed to survive, develop and thrive in order to achieve their full potential and participate as full and equal members of society. The I Thrive program is for anyone interested in yoga that is unable to pay for classes or videos due to financial hardship. To utilize the program follow the steps below:

  1. Create an account at

  2. Message me through your new account and tell me a little about you 

  3. I will give you the unique password that will allow you to access the video library content

  4. Connect with me through social media and share your progress 

  5. Sign up for live stream classes and practice virtually with me and others

Many of us start down the path of yoga seeking to evolve and develop awareness of ourselves, through awareness and self compassion we can change our lives, this path is for everyone willing to begin.

Contact me with any questions.

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