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Reiki is an ancient japanese healing method

Relax and let the energy flow

I was called to the healing arts from a very young age, and come from a long lineage of native healers – amazingly strong women who allowed their intuition and healing hands to guide them in helping others. As a Reiki Master I am a vessel for this beautiful and powerful healing energy known as Reiki – or life force energy. This energy has been utilized throughout history and across cultures though it is called different things – Prana, Chi, Holy Spirit. Yet it is always the same, a powerful universal energy that flows through everything.

These practices are very precious to me and I love sharing them with others. As a conduit for this energy it is vital that I work towards balance in my life so that the energy flows, this is one reason I am a disciplined yogi as I have found that the internal and external practices of yoga support my efforts towards a healthy mind, body and spirit.

In a Reiki session you will lay on my massage table while I lay my hands on you in a specific sequence of placements, this is accompanied with soft music, aromatherapy and candle light – it is very relaxing. If you are curious (which I hope you are) please reach out to me for more info or book a session. Please bring an open heart and mind, you will be glad you did. 

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