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Lotus Spirit Yoga Classes Are Unique & Transformative

Every class is an experience

From the moment you walk through the front gate you are greeted with nature and a feeling of calm welcoming. Located in Beaverton our property nestles along a small creek and is surrounded by trees and nature, it is a peaceful private retreat. Classes are limited to 8 participants and the energy is intimate and cozy. Before class starts the space is refreshed with freshly burned herbs and essential oils, the lighting is soft to help you settle into the space and prepare for your practice. Use the beautiful floor to ceiling mirrors to help you with your alignment as you practice and move with ease. You will leave each class feeling stronger, centered and at peace.

Below are descriptions of my class offerings

when you book you reserve a space in class

the type of class is determined by me based on my knowledge of the practitioners in attendance.

Book a time that works for you and leave the rest to me. 

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Lotus Spirit Dynamic Practice

Based on Universal Yoga principles this class has you moving through creative and intentionally designed postures in multiple directions on the mat. The practice utilizes pranayama, mudra, mantra and asana to influence your body mind and spirit to reach a state of contentment and vitality on and off the mat. Some experience with yoga is recommended but not required.

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Hatha Yoga Practice

This practice is fundamental as it helps build strength, balance and flexibility – asanas are held for 30-60 seconds each. Learn how to move in and out of postures with grace and control, how to stay in postures to build muscle endurance and focus, how to use your breath to link body and mind. Modifications and intensifications are offered for each posture making this a practice for beginner to advanced practitioners.

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Deep Stretch Yoga Practice

In this class we move into stretching postures and hold them in order to connect breath with body on a deeper level to stretch muscles and open joints. We tend to hold energy and emotion in hips and shoulders so we focus on opening these areas to release stress and bring an overall state of well-being. Loved by practitioners of all abilities.

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Vinyasa Yoga Practice

Move through asanas with a flowing energy connecting body with breath. Postures are held only briefly as you gracefully move from one form to another. This class builds cardiovascular endurance, strength and balance. Great for all levels, it is recommended to take some Hatha Yoga classes first to familiarize yourself with postures if you are new to yoga.

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