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Build Your Practice

The Best Way To Use Your Video Subscription

So you have all these videos to use, now what? I have developed a system of utilizing the modalities of yoga I teach to build a balanced practice that will optimize your physical development. Hatha for foundation, skill and strength building. Vinyasa to develop coordination and cardiovascular endurance. Deep stretch for facial release, stretching and opening major joints. Universal Yoga based practice, a dynamic practice that ties all of these skills together and challenges body and mind on a higher level.

Below is my recommendation for designing your practice for optimal results based on practicing 6 days a week. If you practice less than six days adjust accordingly trying to adhere to the order I have laid out here.

Day1 - Hatha 26

Day 2 - Hatha skill focused i.e. backbend,balance etc.

Day 3 - Vinyasa

Day 4 - Deep Stretch

Day 5 - Hatha skill focused

Day 6 - UY Based Practice 

Day 7 - Rest in nature